Saddleback Laguna 

2017 Lodge Committees


A Lodge cannot be what is, and do what it does, without the good work of its Brothers, who serve on numerous committees charged with carrying out the Lodge's business and activities.  Listed below are the Brothers who sit on the various committees.  Thank you for the gift of your time and energy.   


Kenneth Bennett, Tom Gruenbeck, Gene Giordano

Member Retention:

John Fraser, Joe Stout, Roger English


Gary Silverman, David Hansch, Tom Gruenbeck

Cooking and Host (Entertainment):

Team 1 – Gene Giordano

Team 2 – Chuck Chiodo

Team 3 – Sean Gorman

Cookie – Tom Gruenbeck

300th Anniversay Table Lodge:

Bob Feldtz, John Grace, Chuck Chiodo, Lachlan MacKinnon, Tom Gruenbeck


Michael Ballou (Education Nights), Tom Guenbeck (Candidates & Coaching), Jack Hennings (Tiler Talks), Kenneth Bennett (Book Club)

Public Schools:

Joe Stout, Jason Petz, Ken Edwards

Technology & Communication:

Tyler Beckert Graphics Design), John Fraser (Content Editor), Kenneth Bennett (Master), Russ Hennings (Photography)


Kenneth Bennett, (Master) Tyler Beckert (Trestleboard Editor), Russ Hennings (Photography), John Werfelmann (Mailing)

Visitor Examination:

John Grace, Lachlan MacKinnon, Max Harris

Support and Sickness:

David Hansch, Tom Gruenbeck, Gary Peterson, Joe Stout

Hiram Award:

Gary Peterson, Erik Borg, Tom Gruenbeck

Regional Games:

Jason Petz (Billiards), John Grace (Go Kart Racing), Gene Giordano (Summer Picnic), Russ Hennings (Golf)

Temple Board:

Elected - Gary Peterson, Ron Channels, John Grace, Jason Petz, Russ Hennings

Ex Officio - Kenneth Bennett (Master), Tom Gruenbeck (Senior Warden)


David Hansch, Gary Silverman, John Werfelmann, Gene Giordano, Jason Petz

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